Dollar Index and Nikkei Technical Analysis - May 15

Dollar Index
The dollar index has formed a 5 wave decline that is overlapping like a wedge. This pattern is known as a leading diagonal and occurs in wave 1/A of a trend. So this marks a near term bottom from where the entire fall can be retraced meaningfully. Typically 38.2% up to 100 but mostly to test the wave 4 high at 101.28 close to 50% of wave A. In some cases we do get 61.8% which is near 101.74. After that wave C down is very swift. So this should be the last best rally for the dollar to 101.

The Japanese index making a new high now counts as impulsive and so it changes the markings from 2009 onwards into a 5 wave rise. We are in the 5th wave. This can have two efffects. Shorter term wave v=i can point to 20900 however the larger structure allows for a bigger move up. 5=1 is as far as 24000.

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