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The Upside to Trade Finance Advisory

The Upside to Trade Finance Advisory

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Many emerging markets provide opportunities which you cannot get in the country anymore. Through the years, the energy industry in the area has grown to play a critical role in the world economy. The company buying the receivables is known as a factor. So as your company grows so does the quantity of funding that is available to you. Trade finance is related to th…

US 30 Years Treasury Bonds, Dow Utilities, S & P 500, Currency And Dollar, Commodity - A Technical Analysis

The 30 year bonds are still holding up and in wave v of C up. The bonds might make one more push higher at least and get closer to the upper end of the channel before we get a meaningful trend reversal from the rising trend in bonds.

The Dow Utilities chart is a rare one we look at. But here it is. Interesting was that it just touched the trendline from the 2000-2008 highs at the recent high. The entire period fits a channel on a arithmetic scale.

S & P 500
S&P is in wave 5 of 5 and near the upper end of a rising channel on the monthly chart [arithmetic scale]. The next trend reversal would end the 8 year long bull market. Wave 1 of 5 was 5 months and 3 took 4 months, we are in the 3rd month of wave 5 and waiting for the next turn. Till then…

Time to consider the bull case for the USDBRL again. The real has taken support on its long term trendline and started to push higher. The wave count longer term is indicativ…

Trade Finance News and Trends

Trade finance modernization turns towards blockchain
A study of European treasurers by working capital fintech C2FO finds that 75% are focusing on investing in trade finance technology in 2017. Colin Sharp, senior vice-president, EMEA at C2FO, says the shifting macroeconomic environment is pressuring corporates to refocus their efforts on trade finance: “Treasurers are facing a lot of uncertainty, both from the US and around Brexit. This is putting stress on the supply chain, with demand increasing and decreasing. Treasures want the ability to use their assets to make returns and give some certainty.



ICC Academy unveils new e-course on digital trade finance and fintechs
The educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, has launched an advanced-level e-course entitled “Digital Trade Finance and Finte…

Currency Technical Analysis

Euro – c=a points to 1.105 and 38.2% retracement is at 1.102, the trend should still be lower.

USDJPY should continue higher in wave c up to 115. Support is near 110.60

USDGBP – took support on the averages and has mostly started wave 5 up. Support is near 0.783 amd 0.777 and we should be heading to test 0.808 swing high next and eventually the wave 3 high at 0.846.

USDCNY – corrected in 3 waves in what might be a 4th wave correction in a channel. Wave 5 up could start from 6.78. I cannot rule out a dip to 6.76, while non needed, and it would be a 38.2% retracement of wave 3. 5=1 pionts to 7.04 in wave 5 up. 6.892 resistance from the falling channel where we would have to breakout for higher levels.

Adam Smith Associates Pvt. Ltd. offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the…

Canada And Nasdaq Technical Analysis

The most direct effect of falling Oil is on countries like Russian Australia and yes Canada. So Canada has been making a series of lower tops since FEB that may have gone unnoticed but now it is close to breaking the neckline at 15130 below which a steep drop to 14500 could be on the cards.

NASDAQ US indices are diverging with max weakness in the Nasdaq. The chart attached shows that may remain the case near term and the Nasdaq may continue to form wave 2 up for a while. Wave 3 can be presumed only after the lows break. Till then the Dow is holding out. Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd

Asia On The Line – A Technical Analysis

For a while many Asin markets are testing multi year trendlines so here is a quick look

Thailand 2013-2015 trendline resistance

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Commodity Technical Analysis

Gold is sitting on its 20dma at 1263, but it has witnessed a trendline break. So I want to highlight that there were two trendline breaks in the last year and both saw steep corrections in Gold prices. So maybe I need to be open to the idea that this break too can be one. Below 1263 we would go back to test the trendline of all the lows at 1226 once more. We are in FED week and the dollar index has very low sentiment so we should be prepared for a snap back rally in the dollar and a correction in gold if it happens. This will not change the long term picture but delays the immediate rally to higher levels. In fact if we do fall that far I would be open even to my April view that we can test the trendline of the bottoms formed since 2015 at 1164 one last time. A close below 1263 would be a starting point....


Adam Smith Associates At UK Trade

Its a proud moment and a great pleasure for Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd for being invited as a speaker at UK Trade & Export Finance Conference scheduled on June 15 2017.

Mr Rudra Kundu, Managing Director – Adam Smith Associates will be speaking on “Maintaining competitive edge in London’s role as a financial centre” and “New entrants: Attracting institutional investors into the supply chain”.


Trade and Commodity Finance News Update Around the World

The ICC Banking Commission has launched a working group to coordinate all work relating to the digitalisation of trade finance. The group aims to help the trade finance industry accelerate its progress towards greater digitalization....Read Full

Amazon – Dont You Dare This

S&P Technical Analysis


Realty Index Triple Top